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Fonts in webdesign used to be a difficult topic in the early days of the internet. Since pages were primarly informative, it didn't really matter in which font a certain text was shown – every browser had pretty much its own default setting, ranging from various sizes to different font families in general. After a while an unofficial standard was estabishled: the so-called «web safe fonts». These include well-known fonts like «Arial», «Times New Roman», «Verdana» or «Helvetica». Even nowadays it can be difficult to ensure a specific font and behaviour in the messy field of countless online platforms, even though it gets better from year to year.

The more fonts you have installed on your system, the more unique you become. Rare and uncommon fonts make you even more individual. Usually, this is great, however from a tracking point of view this isn't really desireable. Mobile platforms offer less choice, which counteracts the uniqueness and therefore doesn't make you stand out of the crowd that much.

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